About Embroidery

Flaunt It specializes in custom embroidery for business, groups, schools and gifts.

The Decorating Department

A Team

Any embroidery project starts with a design.  Some customers only want text for their design.  If the text is just a simple block or script font as illustrated by the A-Team text on the onesie to the right we can set up such text ourselves here at the shop.



Awana Clubs Cubbies

Ferris Physical PlantOther customers want a custom font for their text or a custom graphic.




Flaunt It logo as digitized for embroidery
Flaunt It logo as digitized for embroidery
Flaunt It logo as created in a graphics program

When a custom graphic and/or text is needed, the original design, which is typically created in a graphics program, is “digitized” for embroidery.

We can help customers with creating a design and also offer tips to make existing designs as embroidery-friendly as possible.  For example, in general, small text should always be avoided as embroidered text should be at least a 1/4″ high to sew well.


Machine 1 GS

Once the design has been digitized, it is sewn on one of our two state-of-the-art six-head fifteen-needle Tajima embroidery machines.  One of these machines is designed for doing smMachine 3 GSall embroidered logos.


The other machine is perfect for doing big beautiful jacket backs.


Grace Bible College

One of the main stays of our business is left chest embroidery on shirts and jackets.  This is Art Smitha great way to advertise your business and identify your employees.

We can also easily personalize garments with an employee name.


Crome Mechanical 1Brew Jacket Tackle Twill


Full jacket backs further extend the effectiveness of advertising your business with embroidered garments.





MTS FabworksSpudman


We also embroider lots of hats and beanies for small business.




Roemer's Hat Back

Pizzaria Grande hat back


The back of a hat is a good place to advertise too.



Puff Hat FrontPuff Hat Side


Three dimensional puff embroidery adds a whole other dimension and pizzazz to hat embroidery.


Viking Tackle Twill


Tackle twill embroidery gives you that collegiate look.





Brew Towel Towels


Finally, we embroider nonwearable items such as towels . . .






. . .and bags.


When considering your next custom embroidery project please call us at 616-696-9084 or Request A Quote.